Should You Decrease Social Media to Grow Your Business

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Last week I went to an event with Tony Robbins and Gary Vee. It's one of my things to do each month to ensure I'm meeting other like-minded individuals. I learned so much while there and met a few people that I connected with.

There a several takeaways I would like to share with you over this month but one in particular stood out to me.

Gary Vee talked about social media and utilizing it for your business. It got me to thinking about how I use social media and complaints I have heard from several clients.

If you're not seeing the results you want to see in your business, have you thought that you should may decrease your social media?

Whoa?! Sounds cray, cray huh?!

If you think about it, why are you really using social media? Is it because that's what someone told you to do? Did you just follow everyone else?

Now don't get me wrong, social media is super fun and a great way to connect with others but is it really doing what you want it to do for you in your life and/or business?

Confused? I'm sure you are (sorry about that) so here are my recommendations on how to decrease your social media. 


After watching, let me know if this is something you have implemented in your business.

Have you increased your social media and it worked perfectly? Does social media help or hurt you? Do you have any idea what you're doing on social media (this was TOTALLY me)?

Share as little or as much as you feel comfortable but I would love to chat with you more about marketing on social media for your business. 

Remember, to be exceptional you must do exceptional things. 

Chat with me in the comments below! 

Thanks a million! See you in the comments! 

6 ways to grow your business (including 3 ways not to)

Can’t seem to get your business off the ground since starting. I totally understand. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong because clearly everyone around me were having much success and making 40K and 50K months while I was struggling to break a consistent 1K.

Sounds familiar?

I finally found my groove and figured out what “they” didn’t tell me about growing my business. Here are my proud and true tips to get your business growth to skyrocket.

1. Get clear on your audience

So many times people will wonder why their audience isn’t purchasing what they have to offer. Have you ever thought they don’t want to pick up what you’re putting down?

Hey, just trying to be honest?

Majority of the time, your services and/or products don’t sell because you haven’t taken the time to know who you are selling to. Take some time to research your audience and actually understand who they are and what they need from you.

This is the easiest way to grow your audience.

Here’s why…

  1. Easier to attract your target market. No longer will you create random things that you “think” your audience needs but actually know what they need.
  2. Easier to create content. By knowing who you are talking to, it’s easier to use their language and discuss only things they are interested in.

WHAT NOT TO DO:  Solve a problem. Be sure you audience knows you are solving a major problem for them.

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2. Grow your email list

Have you started building your email list? If not, why?! Your email list will have one of the highest conversion rates and not using it means missed opportunity to grow your business.

Don’t know how to grow your list? Try this.

Add content upgrades to previous and current content. Take time to go through your previous blog post and identify ways to add value.

Be sure your upgrades are beneficial. Though you want to add content upgrades to your previous content, you still want to make sure it’s beneficial. It’s not a good idea to randomly include a content upgrades that has nothing to do the with the content or something that your audience doesn’t find valuable.

What’s that? You want me to elaborate on value? Sure.

Something that’s valuable to your audience includes actionable steps. This leaves them feeling more confident on what you are telling them to do. Another way to add value is explaining something that is difficult for your audience. Think step-by-step. Giving away great free information only heightens your audience interest in your paid services and/or products.

Okay...back to it.

3. Create strategic money streams

Diversifying your income creates stability. That's totally tweet-worthy!


 When creating your business, you want to be sure to have multiple streams of income. Each stream of income should be strategic because this obviously is what we want to grow the business.

The great thing about running your own business is you get to create your own money streams. Think about what you like to do and what you like to offer and begin there.

When I first started out, I thought that I needed several streams of income before stating but in actuality I didn’t. I recommend identifying at least 2-3 services or products (consulting, eBook, DIY, etc) to get started and then build upon your services.

The most important part of creating strategic money streams to grow your business is setting each offer into a funnel. My recommendation here is to identify your offer and work backwards to create the funnel.

Speaking of strategic money about creating a course?

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4. Create an eCourse

Talk about a business grower! Having an eCourse can always run in the background (especially an evergreen model) to create consistent income.

Did I get you with that? Consistency is a great term, right?

If you haven’t thought about creating a course, I highly recommend it.

What do you know? What can you teach? Really you can take this multiple ways. Are you great at creating animated gifs? Do you know calligraphy? How about special techniques of make-up?


I took advantage of this as well and created a few course around Instagram. Check them out here. 


There are numerous entrepreneurs making well over 50K month with online courses plus it’s a billion dollar industry.


Why not hop on the train while it’s still rolling, amiright?!

WHAT NOT TO DO: Naming your course something that does not relate to what you’re teaching. For example, if you’re teaching on how to create images on Canva, naming your course Designs for You is a bit confusing. 

5. Learn to launch

Yes, creating a course will be awesome but if you don’t launch, it just may be a flop. Growing your business can’t happen without having a launch strategy.

I recommend launching any new product or services that you have coming up. The reason for this is to build a buzz around your new offering and build a bigger interest.

Bigger buzz + bigger interest = more sales (grow your business)

WHAT NOT TO DO: Release something without content marketing. Use this method to educate your audience and increase interest in your offer.

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6. Be more productive with priorities

I will be first to admit that growing your business isn’t easy but I will always be the first to admit, it’s not rocket science. You have to be focused when it comes to growing your business.

I see and hear so many people talking about staying up all night and getting little sleep. That’s totally not going to work because at a certain time your brain shuts down and you become less productive.

Also doing a bunch of non-income producing activities will only waste time and hinder your business from growth.

Focus on the activities that produce more income and delegate other activities that are less value. Also, blocking off certain times of the day where your most productive (for me it’s the first thing in the morning) and pound through my to-do list.

With all that information, I hope I have given you some great information to use to grow your business. I have implemented each step and my life is more focus on working less to get better results. Who’s with me?!




Some how Instagram loops have received a bad name and so many people don’t want to participate and don’t even think about hosting an Instagram loop. I am not the type of person that will take someone word as the final answer so I decided to try it myself. I had no idea what I was doing but jumped in the head first and wanted to share with you what I have learned from hosting a loop. 



Over the next couple of weeks, I will be discussing with you about how to grow your Instagram and the necessary steps to keep your following growing at all times. Sounds good right?! 

So many people jump head first on social media, especially Instagram without taking the time to actually research and understand each step that is needed to make sure they are successful on the Instagram platform. 

19 Steps How to Become a Successful First-time Entrepreneur

19 Steps How to Become a Successful First-time Entrepreneur

Let’s face it, working that 9-5 just isn’t cutting it anymore. The stress of spending long hours traveling to and from work just to get home and be too tired to do anything on your to-do list, just doesn’t seem fair.



Social media is a touch cookie to crumb but you have to master it to get that credibility you deserve. 

Some businesses get confused and think that it’s a simple as posting once on Twitter and again on Facebook and that’s the end of social media marketing.