Is Your Hustle Holding You Back

"While you're sleeping, I'm hustling"

"Hustle 24-7"

"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle"

Sound familiar???

entrepreneur hustle

Society or let's say social media has taught us that hustling is the only way to be successful no matter what the cost. No sleep is a good thing when it comes to entrepreneurship right?


I must admit, I started out taking those words very literally (yes, I know...what was I thinking?). I would stay up all night and wake about 3 hours later to start it all over again. How many of you know that it quickly caught up with me. 

It came to a point where I had to step outside of myself to see that I was being easily angered, frustrated, and transitioning into another person. That's totally not my personality and to be honest if felt icky. 

I had to take a break. A MAJOR break because I realized I was burnt out (insert gasp here). 

Now as a therapist and coach, you would think I know better right? I mean this is the stuff that I talk to my clients about alllll the time. Well, I hate to break it to ya but I'm human and I have my struggles.

I would counsel during the day and coach at night all while trying to make sure I'm keep up with all the other things in my life (fitness, health, friendships, my marriage, etc) and it simply got to be too much.

The shocking thing is I didn't notice my burn out. I just happened all of a sudden. I just woke up one day and said I'm tired. LOL! Crazy huh?! I know, and I've never experienced anything like it but in a way I'm glad I did. Now I can speak more about burn out from experience with my clients (there's always a bright side of things).

It's very typical of a high achiever to not notice signs of burnout. We are so passionate about what we do, so driven to be successful and help others that we tend to overlook the long hours and strenuous workload. 

Luvvie recently tweeted:

grinding millennial

Can we give her a hand clap for this?! I could not have said it better myself! 

All this on social media about #teamnosleep or "while they sleep, I'm grind" is not what you should buy into. If you've found yourself here currently or before then you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm back now and I feel more revived than ever.

How did I do it? Thinking you might be here too? Not sure if you really are struggling from burn out or something else? Let's chat!

1. Determine if it's really a burnout or simply a matter of restructure

Signs of burnout included...

  • Insomnia - In the beginning, you may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the week. In the latter stages, insomnia may turn into a persistent, nightly ordeal i.e. as exhausted as you are, you can't sleep.


  • Anxiety - You may experience mild symptoms of tension, worry, and edginess. As you move closer to burnout, the anxiety may become so serious that it interferes in your ability to work productively and may cause problems in your personal life. We really don't want that!


  • Depression - Initially you may feel some sadness, occasionally hopeless, and you may experience feelings of worthlessness and/or guilt. At its worst, you may feel trapped or severely depressed. If it gets worse, it's time to seek professional help


  • Anger - Signs of anger could include interpersonal tension and irritability that may turn into angry outbursts and serious arguments at home and in the workplace.


  • Chronic Fatigue - In the early stages, you may feel a lack energy and feel tired most days. In the latter stages, you feel physically and emotionally exhausted, drained, and depleted, and you may feel a sense of dread for what lies ahead on any given day.

There are more signs of burnout but if none of the signs resignates with you, it could be something as simple as scheduling. Think about restructuring your day with most of your difficult task in the morning and lighter things in the afternoon. 


Take a real break. Not a break with your laptop or constantly checking your phone but a break without those devices that keep your focused on the business. 

Go to a coffee shop (check me out below with my and read a book, watch a funny movie, have a day of pampering at the spa, or simply go window shopping. All these activities are great ways for you to take your mind of the business and get back to filling your cup.

starbucks for entpreneurs

3. Make some changes

When you come back from your break, you don't want to enter the same cycle. It's time to make some changes. 

Think about those late nights or crazy days you have. Maybe you're trying to do it all yourself. If so, then it's time to think about hiring an assistant. Now I know if you're just starting out, you may think that hiring someone is not in your budget but trust me, you need the help.

There are virtual assistants that work for a minimum fee per hour. Figure out how you can hire someone for an hour or two a week to start and allow them to handle big things that stress you out. As your business continues to grow, you can increase the hours. 

This may not be your answer but whatever it is, you are definitely going to need a change. What is it that you need to change to make you sure burnout doesn't happen again? Figure that out and get to changing. 

Don't allow your "hustle" prevent you from doing your very best and showing up when you need to for your business and yourself. 




7 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Earn a Consistent Income

Lately I have been getting the same question over and over again.

“How do I create consistent income?”

I absolutely love this question because I once asked the same question. I had no idea how people were consistently making income every month. Was I doing something wrong? Was it something just for the “lucky ones”? Did my audience not like me?!

Nope! I just wasn’t doing what I needed to do for my income to be consistent.

Not earning consistent income? find out how here!

In today’s post, we’re talking about seven different ways that you can use to keep the moolah rolling in (I see that smile). So, if you want to increase your sales on a consistent schedule then hop aboard this ride and let’s get to it.

All aboard!!!!

1. Not Using Pinterest to Attract Your Audience

Hands down, most businesses do not even think about using Pinterest to for their business but Pinterest is like the new Google. Whenever someone is searching for an idea or inspiration, Pinterest is their first stop.

Whenever I’m looking for a new recipe or trying to plan something to wear for my girls night out (love those), it’s my go-to, so why wouldn’t I use it for my business?

Next to Instagram (I convert a lot of my audience from Instagram. Find out more about it here), Pinterest brings in my second large traffic and boost my subscribers.

Whoo hoo!

If you’re not already using Pinterest, it’s a great time to get started.

Create your Pinterest “business” account
You can open a personal account as well as a business account. Be sure to set up the business account. 

Craft your board based on your niche
Your business can’t be for everyone. And it shouldn’t be! Really niche down on what you do so that you can attract your ideal audience.

This is so important as you don’t want to have followers that aren’t interested in purchasing from you simply because they aren’t interesting in what you provide, amiright?!

Your goal is to attract your ideal market so that it’s easy to convert them into consumers.

Create boards that will attract your ideal audience
If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it allows you to create multiple boards to categorize your interest. This is a great opportunity to attract your ideal audience based on topics that relate to your business.


You can also boost your Pinterest SEO (I know, you’re probably like Pinterest has SEO?!).

Be sure to use keywords that your ideal audience would use when searching for something related to your business. For example, most of my audience is seeking tips on entrepreneurship, productivity, and blogging. Since I know that, I use that to my advantage and label my boards with those keywords.

Yeppers! You can call it a win-win for you.

2. Overlooking Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to bring in passive income. Did I just say easy?!

Welllll it’s not so easy that all you have to do is sign-up and start making money but when you are strategic about what you share, it makes it easy.

I never recommend anything to my audience that I don’t use or wouldn’t use myself and I recommend you do the same. You want to make sure your audience trusts and believes in your recommendations.

If you think you want to get into affiliate marketing, first determine who you would like to promote. Think about your email provider, your website platform, or any software you use to run your business and get approval to become an affiliate for them

You will receive a special code that you can give your audience to use when you recommend certain products. Each company is different but you will receive a certain percentage of each sale.

It’s truly passive income, m’friend!

3. Thinking Online Courses are a Fad

Not true! Online education is a billion dollar industry and it’s a great time for you to be apart of it.

Niche down on one particular area of your business and teach it in a course format.

First, you want to identify the topic you want to teach and break it down into different modules. You want to be sure your audience can digest the information without being overwhelmed.

Afterwards, create your slides for your audience to follow along with and begin recording your course.

Here’s the equipment I use for recording:

It really can be as simple as record, upload, and sell. Start mapping out your course now.

4. Randomly Posting with No Intentions

Does this sound familiar? You may fall into this category if you have ever found yourself posting just to post.

You may have read somewhere that you need to post a certain number of times a day. If you followed that, you may post to stay on schedule but without a purpose.

Make sure you are posting with a purpose.

Each post you have should relate to an offer, but hold on my friend! Before you start to go post crazy, I’m not saying every post should be an ask. What I’m saying is you need to be aware of your next offer.

Once you know what you want to offer, it’s much easy to create content and add value.

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5. Undermining Your Skills

How many times have you secretly said to yourself:

“I’m not an expert” or “No one wants to learn anything from me”

STOP IT! You have great talents that many will gladly pay you for. Think about a particular talent you have or something you have learned. It can be knowledge about a program, how to decorate, or even advice about purchasing a car or home.

These are things people would love to know about. It doesn’t matter if there are other people teaching the same thing. There are billions of people in this world which leaves you with a ton of potential clients.

Offer your teaching as a one-on-one consulting service or as group consulting. I offer something very similar to my clients that prefer the group coaching method. Find out more about it here.

If you’re not interested in a group method, you can structure your business model in many different ways. Start with one-on-one consulting and determine if you like it. If not, alter your offering to fit your preference.

6. Not Creating a Physical Product

Didn’t think about this one did ya?!

No this doesn’t have to be something super complex or even something that needs a lot of thought. You can create something yourself or order in bulk.

Several entrepreneurs do this exact same thing to keep income coming in.

Here are some options for products:

  • T-shirts

  • Mugs

  • Notebooks

  • Pens + Pencils

  • Planners

Find products that complement your business and that will add value to your audience.

7. Forgetting to Use More Funnels

If you want to make more consistent income, sales funnels are the way to go. No matter what you have heard about sales funnels, they are truly effective when used correctly in your business.

Determine what product that you want to “funnel” and set up the email to get it going.

I use ConvertKit to funnel all my small products under $100. ConvertKit even takes you step-by-step to show you how to setup your first sales funnel. Awesome, right?!

Your main goal is to provide value to your audience based on a particular topic.

For example, you may want to sell your workshop on creating graphic designs with Canva. Your first couple of emails would be value packed with information about Canva and how you can create images similar to those in Photoshop.

What makes it a funnel is the next couple of emails where you share your own personal experience and your turning point after learning about Canva and the available options they offer. In those emails, you also start introducing your product as the logical next steps that helped you improve.

Sounds great, eh?!

That’s exactly why you should try it when creating consistent income.  

Wondering how you get people in your sales funnel? They automatically are placed in once they opt-in to your freebie that is related to this funnel. I have ConvertKit deliver my freebie with a personal message that is packed with value.

Are you planning on using any of these income strategies? We can't wait to hear about your results!

6 ways to grow your business (including 3 ways not to)

Can’t seem to get your business off the ground since starting. I totally understand. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong because clearly everyone around me were having much success and making 40K and 50K months while I was struggling to break a consistent 1K.

Sounds familiar?

I finally found my groove and figured out what “they” didn’t tell me about growing my business. Here are my proud and true tips to get your business growth to skyrocket.

1. Get clear on your audience

So many times people will wonder why their audience isn’t purchasing what they have to offer. Have you ever thought they don’t want to pick up what you’re putting down?

Hey, just trying to be honest?

Majority of the time, your services and/or products don’t sell because you haven’t taken the time to know who you are selling to. Take some time to research your audience and actually understand who they are and what they need from you.

This is the easiest way to grow your audience.

Here’s why…

  1. Easier to attract your target market. No longer will you create random things that you “think” your audience needs but actually know what they need.
  2. Easier to create content. By knowing who you are talking to, it’s easier to use their language and discuss only things they are interested in.

WHAT NOT TO DO:  Solve a problem. Be sure you audience knows you are solving a major problem for them.

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2. Grow your email list

Have you started building your email list? If not, why?! Your email list will have one of the highest conversion rates and not using it means missed opportunity to grow your business.

Don’t know how to grow your list? Try this.

Add content upgrades to previous and current content. Take time to go through your previous blog post and identify ways to add value.

Be sure your upgrades are beneficial. Though you want to add content upgrades to your previous content, you still want to make sure it’s beneficial. It’s not a good idea to randomly include a content upgrades that has nothing to do the with the content or something that your audience doesn’t find valuable.

What’s that? You want me to elaborate on value? Sure.

Something that’s valuable to your audience includes actionable steps. This leaves them feeling more confident on what you are telling them to do. Another way to add value is explaining something that is difficult for your audience. Think step-by-step. Giving away great free information only heightens your audience interest in your paid services and/or products.

Okay...back to it.

3. Create strategic money streams

Diversifying your income creates stability. That's totally tweet-worthy!


 When creating your business, you want to be sure to have multiple streams of income. Each stream of income should be strategic because this obviously is what we want to grow the business.

The great thing about running your own business is you get to create your own money streams. Think about what you like to do and what you like to offer and begin there.

When I first started out, I thought that I needed several streams of income before stating but in actuality I didn’t. I recommend identifying at least 2-3 services or products (consulting, eBook, DIY, etc) to get started and then build upon your services.

The most important part of creating strategic money streams to grow your business is setting each offer into a funnel. My recommendation here is to identify your offer and work backwards to create the funnel.

Speaking of strategic money about creating a course?

Click here to subscribe

4. Create an eCourse

Talk about a business grower! Having an eCourse can always run in the background (especially an evergreen model) to create consistent income.

Did I get you with that? Consistency is a great term, right?

If you haven’t thought about creating a course, I highly recommend it.

What do you know? What can you teach? Really you can take this multiple ways. Are you great at creating animated gifs? Do you know calligraphy? How about special techniques of make-up?


I took advantage of this as well and created a few course around Instagram. Check them out here. 


There are numerous entrepreneurs making well over 50K month with online courses plus it’s a billion dollar industry.


Why not hop on the train while it’s still rolling, amiright?!

WHAT NOT TO DO: Naming your course something that does not relate to what you’re teaching. For example, if you’re teaching on how to create images on Canva, naming your course Designs for You is a bit confusing. 

5. Learn to launch

Yes, creating a course will be awesome but if you don’t launch, it just may be a flop. Growing your business can’t happen without having a launch strategy.

I recommend launching any new product or services that you have coming up. The reason for this is to build a buzz around your new offering and build a bigger interest.

Bigger buzz + bigger interest = more sales (grow your business)

WHAT NOT TO DO: Release something without content marketing. Use this method to educate your audience and increase interest in your offer.

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6. Be more productive with priorities

I will be first to admit that growing your business isn’t easy but I will always be the first to admit, it’s not rocket science. You have to be focused when it comes to growing your business.

I see and hear so many people talking about staying up all night and getting little sleep. That’s totally not going to work because at a certain time your brain shuts down and you become less productive.

Also doing a bunch of non-income producing activities will only waste time and hinder your business from growth.

Focus on the activities that produce more income and delegate other activities that are less value. Also, blocking off certain times of the day where your most productive (for me it’s the first thing in the morning) and pound through my to-do list.

With all that information, I hope I have given you some great information to use to grow your business. I have implemented each step and my life is more focus on working less to get better results. Who’s with me?!



Feeling uneasy about starting a business because someone else has already started? No worries. read how to start an existing business here. 

If you’re like some people, you feel defeated when you find out someone has started the business you wanted to start. Or you may have found a business that has been started but think you would have made it better if only you could have started it before they did.

If you haven’t identified it yet, you are having “it-already-exist-so-I-can’t-do-it” start-up bias. When you break it down, it’s something that the world knows as fear.

Fear can manifest itself in multiple ways in your life and in your business. The key is to recognize it and not let it determine your success in life. To be successful with anything, you will have to do things that make you uncomfortable.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook though Friendster and Myspace already existed. He put his own spin to it and did it better, a LOT better.

It’s totally okay for you to start a business that has been started already. In fact, you will have an advantage to starting your business after someone that has used that same idea as you. Yep! Awesome sauce, eh?! Let’s talk.


When someone has already started that business of yours and stole your idea (not really but we’ll just say you were the originator), it’s a great opportunity to see what they are doing and how you can do it better. This is called a competitors analysis which is needed for your marketing plan in your business.

Research and study the competition and find what they are doing and how you can do it better. Are they emailing clients when you could call or meet with your ideal clients one-on-one?

Do they respond to clients within 3-5 business days leaving an opportunity for you to respond within 24-48 hours? Maybe they charge for shipping, giving you the opportunity to offer free shipping.

There are a ton of ways to make sure your business thrive and succeed even though there is competition.


Your business idea may have already been taken and started but no one can run a business like you. Everyone has their on individuality which makes something unique and special. You’re gift of delivery and style is special just for you.

Don’t feel that your business won’t thrive for the simple fact that it’s already started. Think about the number of grocery stores that’s available, gas stations, or even beauty salons.

We all choose these based on qualities that we like about them or those that are convenient for us. Find your niche and make it your own.

If you’re a services based business and feel that those big name people have started the same business and offer the same services you would like to offer, remember that we all receive messages differently.

Remember when your parents or someone close to you told you how to do something in your life and you brushed it off or thought “they have no idea what they’re talking about.”

Only later to see that you heard it again from a teacher, a friend, or co-worker and it makes sooooo much sense. Yes, that can be you too.

Just because a big name person has said it, doesn’t mean that everyone received the message. It doesn’t matter if it has been delivered 1,000 times, you’re 1,001st time can make a world of a difference.


As the example I used early about Mark Zuckerberg starting Facebook though Myspace was already available, you can and should do the same thing. Facebook grew so far past Myspace that it is now has one billion people active on the platform. One billion! That's completely unheard of.

Use that same type of framework for your business. Know your target audience and grow your business from there. Know where they hang out and grow your business from there.

I recommend starting with 2-3 social media platforms to start your business, instead of trying to be on every platform available. This will make it a lot easier for you to manage and grow. You would much rather be killing it on 2 or 3 platforms instead of a hot mess on 5 different platforms.

One great way to gain more traction is incorporating more videos. So many people are afraid of going Live or being seen on camera but it’s the wave that is rolling at this time and you want to catch it.

It can be a bit scary and intimidating at first but practice, practice, practice will make it much easier to implement daily into your business model.

There you have it. There are 3 different ways to start and grow your business that someone else has already started. Remember through the process it’s easy to get discouraged and quick. The hard part is recognizing your greatness and continuing through the path.

Identify your fear when it arises and immediately replace that thought with a positive one and reclaim your motivation. The average person doesn’t recognize their fears, the semi-average person recognizes their fears and still succumbs to it.

While the exceptional person identifies their fears, understand that it’s normal, and push it to the side, not allowing it to determine their destiny.

Don’t be average, but the exception.


19 Steps How to Become a Successful First-time Entrepreneur

19 Steps How to Become a Successful First-time Entrepreneur

Let’s face it, working that 9-5 just isn’t cutting it anymore. The stress of spending long hours traveling to and from work just to get home and be too tired to do anything on your to-do list, just doesn’t seem fair.



If you’re new to the blogging world and have been doing a little research, you may have heard the word niche before. I have had several clients ask, what the heck is a niche and do I really need one. Since I have explained this several times, I thought this would be a great blog to write about and help everyone that may be confused about this entire “niche” ordeal.